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Most recent public projects I've made: an iOS app Departures a video todo-list web app called a service called Tellmeaboutit (closed alpha) a cute foray into machine learning datagotchi helping me get to grips with the field. An old project that I really need to finish and arbitrarily last, WikiRace a fun wikipedia racing game I made over a weekend a while ago (23,750+ games played, by 592 users last I looked)

I currently work as a Web Development Engineer at Amazon, and before that I was a Designer & Interface Developer at Line Digital in Edinburgh, UK. You can grab an old (read: out of date) version of my portfolio/cv if you want.

The plan, is to perpetually increase my luck surface area.

Follow me on twitter @christopherdb if that's your kind of thing.

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Disclaimer: As you read this, you do not really see the pixels, the screen, your hands, and the surroundings, but an internal and three-dimensional image that reproduces them almost exactly and that is constructed by your brain. The photons emitted by your screen strike the retinas of your eyes, which transform them into electrochemical information; the optic nerves relay this information to the visual cortex at the back of the head, where a cascade-like network of nerve cells separates the input into categories (form, color, movement, depth, etc.). How the brain goes about reuniting these sets of categorized information into a coherent image is still a mystery. And so, I cannot take any resposibility for what you or any third parties feel you may have seen/witnessed/viewed on this Website.